Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer – Double Chocolate 10 lbs Review

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Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer Product Review

I’ve always been a fan of Optimum Nutrition. They are one of the top dogs in the fitness/nutrition supplement industry for good reason. Specifically, the Pro series has been my favorite line of protein supplement products in recent years. I have used Pro products many times before, but this passed month has been my first experience with Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer.

Nutritional Content: Good

Like most Optimum Nutrition products, Pro Gainer has quite a good amount of nutritional value packed in each serving. In a 165 g serving, you get a whopping 650 calories, 8 g of fat, 85 g of carbs, and 60 g of protein. With 24 vitamins and minerals thrown in the punch, you get quite a bang for your buck.

Something to note, however. It reports to only have 5 g of sugar, but it’s first ingredient is maltodextrin, a food additive with a high glycemic index (double that of table sugar) that will spike your blood sugar and insulin. This isn’t surprising to find in a gainer. Spiking insulin is kind of the point. Just something to note to people who are unaware. My biggest gripe is that it lacks BCAAs.

optimum nutrition pro gainer

Taste: Delicious

First off, one of the most important considerations for a protein powder is taste. Boy, is Pro Gainer tasty. I’ve only tried double chocolate, so that’s only what I can vouch for. With milk, it’s like drinking a regular delicious chocolate milkshake. That’s all probably thanks to that maltodextrin. With water, it’s not bad but not really delicious. Then again, I don’t think any protein powder is delicious with only water.

Mixability: Good

For a gainer, Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer is pretty mixable. I have not had any issues mixing it with water or even cold milk. It blends well and doesn’t chunk up like a lot of other protein powders I’ve tried. It is pretty thick when following the recommended directions of mixing 16 oz with a serving size. I would recommend mixing with it more liquid than the directions call for.

optimum nutrition pro gainer

The shaker to the left (red) contains half a serving of Pro Gainer and 8 oz of water. The shaker to the right (blue) contains half a serving of Pro Gainer and 8 oz of milk. It mixes well with no clumps in both water and milk, no shaker ball required.

Serving Size: Large

This is always an issue with gainers. They will claim to have ludicrous amounts of calories and protein per serving. Then it turns out that one serving is more than your digestive system can handle. Pro Gainer’s serving size is quite large, though I have seen larger. The problem is the serving size of “1 heaping scoop” is misleading. One scoop (non-heaping) is around 120 g, so to reach the serving size of 165 g, it’s about 1.25 scoops. This is why you measure your food folks.

optimum nutrition pro gainer

Price: Standard

As a gainer, this one is pretty standard price. When buying the 10 lb size, it sits at $7.06/lb and $0.04/g of protein with a total price of $71.99. If possible, I recommend buying the 10 lb size. Smaller sizes increase in price per lb. The deal gets even sweeter if you choose the “Subscribe and Save” option offered by Amazon. All in all, it’s not a bad standard price. If you ration, it will last you a while.

Overall Rating: 4/5

It’s a tasty, quality protein gainer with a misleading serving size at a price that’s nothing to brag about.



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