Make New Year’s Goals – Not Resolutions

I hope those reading this had a FANTASTIC Christmas and New Year celebrations! Now that we are back to post-holiday season life, it’s time to get back on the daily grind with new goals, new aspirations, and new purpose. In the spirit of such things, I want to remind everyone to make New Year’s goals, NOT resolutions for the new year.

Resolutions are Worthless

Everyone makes resolutions every year, yet most resolutions die off within a month or two. We see it most obviously in gyms. Regular gym goers always notice the spike in population every January. Most know that by February, everything will be back to normal. Why is that?

It’s because most people make resolutions and not goals.

A resolution inherently says “I should” rather than “I will”. A resolution doesn’t tell you how to get where you need to go. Every time we embarrassingly visit the dentist, we resolve to floss regularly again. A resolution just simply isn’t strong enough to engage our discipline.

Now a goal is something else. A goal says “I will”. After that, the next question is “How?”. In answering that, we are creating an actual plan, a strategy for achieving the initial goal. It is in this way we become successful, even if at the end of it all we had not achieved our original goal. The act of planning on how to achieve a particular target and sticking to the plan day in and day out is an incredibly valuable skill. One that is universal among all successful people in life.

So to keep it short, if you already made New Year’s resolutions, change them to goals. After you change them to goals, create day to day plans on how you will work towards them. Once the plan is written, all that remains is execution. Ain’t nothing to it but to do it.

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