About Dieticle

About Dieticle

Dieticle is a website and blog devoted to the spread of easy to digest nutritional knowledge.

Our mission is to empower individuals to take control their health and physique by providing knowledge through education and building resourceful habits through repeated application of knowledge. Through repeated cycles of education and application, a person can enhance their health and achieve their targeted goals, which enhance a person’s experience of life. We believe health is a prerequisite for happiness.

The Team

Sean Haddad (Owner/Writer/Teacher)

sean haddad, dieticleI believe health is a requirement for happiness, and I sean haddad, dieticlebelieve in making people happy by being the catalyst in their full realization of the beauty and power inherent in their God given bodies. My vision for Dieticle is to create the ultimate resource in nutrition through a twofold approach: by providing knowledge through education and building resourceful habits through repeated application.

My name is Sean Haddad, and I am here to serve YOU. Fitness and nutrition have been my passions since my early days as a young lad. I’ve spent the whole of my life devouring nutritional data, pouring through the scientific research, and experimenting on my own body through trial and error. Comparing the research with the results of my experiments, I have learned a great deal of useful knowledge that has power, REAL power, to change your body, health, mind, and your life.

I want to arm you with the right nutritional knowledge for you achieve your goals in easy to digest (pun intended) articles and videos. I do all the in-depth research so you don’t have to, and you’ll know that all the information I give you is proven by my own personal experience. In my life, I take what is useful and reject what is useless, so that Dieticle will be 100% useful to you.

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